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When did we start caring about the Pope?

So I've noticed around my town that the flags are at half mass and the only thing I can think of related to this is the death of the Pope. It disgusts me to see my nation's symbol at half mass over the death of the head of a religion especially when we're supposed to have separation of church and state. I remember learning how some people were worried if JFK was elected president the Pope would have access to our country since JFK was Catholic. Now he gets the flag at half mass just as our former presidents do when they die. Or maybe it's for Terri Schiavo or maybe some major event has happened I have no clue about because the media's too busy covering irrelevant shit.

And something I think Bill Maher would appreciate: Support Our Ribbons I plan on getting a custom one made that says "Empty Gestures Don't Win Wars" just because I like being ironic and pissing people off.
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